History of the Jewish School Building at Mellrichstadt

Formerly house 139 ½, today 3 Kapellengasse.

1877: Mellrichstadt’s Town Council, led by Town Mayor Morelli, decided to build a new school building for boys as the old one had become too small.

1878: The town of Mellrichstadt decided to sell the old school building.

1881: The old boys’ school building was sold to the Jewish community for 3000 marks. The Jewish community used this building as the Jewish school of Mellrichstadt.  

Here religious lessons were given three times a week in the afternoon.

The current teacher lived on the first floor of this house.

1939: In that year the Jewish school building was used for religious services because the synagogue had been vandalized before and had then been pulled down.

1939: The school building was declared to be a so called “Jews’ house”. Jewish citizens had to give their houses into “Aryan” possession. This meant that the former owners were forced to live together crowdedly in those Jews’ houses.

There, in the former school building and now a Jews’ house, many persons lived together: the last teacher Jakob Schloß, the Reich family of four (Adolf, Selma, Rosi and Max Reich, who, coming from Zeitlofs, had taken refuge at Mellrichstadt); moreover David Nussbaum and his wife Ida, Max Rosenbaum and his wife Ida and for some time, Max Goldbach.

In the summer of 1939 these tenants were attacked by Nazis, and Ida Rosenbaum was pushed down the stairs. As a consequence she suffered from a skull fracture and died on 10 August, 1939 (cf. tomb nr. 155).

The teacher Jakob Schloß moved to Frankfurt/Main in September 1940, where he took his own life on 06 December, 1940.Except Max Rosenbaum, who was able to migrate to the USA in 1941, all the other persons were deported in 1942 and killed.

1943: The town of Mellrichstadt bought the former Jewish school building from the Reich’s Association of Jews for 4,074 reichsmarks, additionally taxes and the fee for the notary. The house was rebuilt: Two flats with four rooms were installed, which the town let for inhabitants from Mellrichstadt.